Weavers is a choreographic piece that follows the movement of thought like a trace or a trail or a wave. To weave is to entangle, to be in a relationship, to sense vertically and horizontally and follow complicated patterns in a methodical way that contemplates the resonance of each action in the larger scheme.To grasp the invisible forces that manifest with our actions; through a collage that unravels new aspects of how we make sense of the world.

Weaving is used both as a metaphor and as a working method, where the performers relates to their own body, the landscape, and the bodies co-existing in space. It is also referred to as an act of taking care and listening, but also as a labour in itself, with its own life and limitations. As the dance unfolds, different emotional states are evoked in a vibrant dialogue with the surrounding environment as the performers oscillate between different senses, qualities, textures and mediums that unfold in a crossing of animalistic and repetitional. Where does the body start and end?

‘What it takes is willingness to learn the labour of holding; staying; witnessing; facilitating the crossing of liminal thresholds; lubricating the beginnings and ends of human life-forms. The skills in question sprout up in the cracks throughout human societies, yet, under capitalism, there is next to no incentive for universalizing them. The fact of departing, or arriving, or undoing life, remains (for now) of limited market use.’(Sophie Lewis,’With-Women: Grieving in Capitalist Time’,2020)

Choreographer: Nefeli Oikonomou
Performers: Sandy Ceesay, Nefeli Oikonomou
Music composition: F E C
External consultant: Sebastian Lingserius 
Co-production: Weld
Producer: Ulrika Skoog Holmgaard, Scenit Produktion AB
Part of Kvadrennalen
Developed within the Residency Program AADK, Spain
With the support of the Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm City and International cultural exchange by Konstnärsnämden- The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.