Title: Breathing vibration / Basement
Choroegrapher: Nefeli Ikonomou invited in Basement context from Sandro Amaral and Thiago Granato
Performers: Nefeli Ikonomou
Mentors: Jevta van Dinther, Frederic Gies
Music: Nefeli Ikonomou
Venue:  Forum Theater, Stockholm
Premiere:  30,31 May 2013
Link: http://youtu.be/8-TA8XnW-Sc

Hosted by:

BASEMENT* is an event choreographed by Sandro Amaral and Thiago Granato, each time in collaboration with a different group of artists – a temporary situation with the intention of creating proximity between the artists, their work and the public. The project gives the possibility to the artists invited to share their works and to talk in an intimate context about their artistic practices and priorities. It is an opportunity to open their “basements” and to give visibility to what usually remains unspoken publicly.

 Breathing vibration project:

This project is an investigation on the notions of architectural space and affectual touch.  It investigates the architectural and psychological borders within which relations are perceived or generated and the impact of physical touch in transmitting kinesthetic information. How can information be offered through touch and how is it affected from architectural space? How and when people perceive intimacy in touch?

The performance acts as an installation within which the audience can interact trough tactile sensation with the performer and re-negotiate the meaning of contact outside pre-decided coding. The participants can also decide about the framing and documentation of the experience while directing a camera that outcomes in a big wall projection (left window of the video). They can reflect on their position(ing) in space, going on their own tempo between touching, filming, directing or observing.