D ANCER invites you to a situation of training, both as participant and spectator. A speculation on body ideals and gymnography. Towards what do we exercise at the gym? What imaginary identities do we run towards?
D ANCER is a desire to work toward something, a mental diagram, a race to an end, but an end that is always transforming. A transformative dance which triggers questions regarding our physical relationship to our surroundings, our ideas of what our body is and can be.
Take the chance, you can do it, be a D ANCER with us! Wear your pajamas, hippest yoga outfit or most comfy adidas trousers, and take the opportunity to turn on the small muscles!

D ANCER asks the question of what would happen in a post queer-stamped-gym…

The piece has been performed over 30 times nationally and internationally since it’s premiere the 30th of Oct 2016 in MDT Stockholm and performed in the Finest Festival in Nov 2017

Concept, Choreography & Performing: Sebastian Lingserius. Choreography, Collaboration &Performing:Nefeli Oikonomou. Sound design: F E C . Light: Sebastian Lingserius. Producer: Jonas Robin. Marketing/MDT: Sara Bergsmark. Photography: Aleksandra Sende. Made possible with the support of Kinitiras Athens, Dansens Hus and MDT Stockholm. Supported by: The Swedish Art Council, Stockholm City Council, Stockholm County Council. This presentation is part of the project [DNA] Departures and Arrivals, which is co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Commission.

Foto av: PNaz Photography, P-noise Festival, Philippines, 2016.

Photo by: Pnaz Photography

Photo by: Pnaz Photography